Week 6: Motion Graphics

This has been an intense week, but I say that every week, so maybe this is just the new normal.

For this blog, I’m going to talk about some of my favourite clips of motion graphics. I’ve been listening to a lot of Pixar music as I’ve been working on midterms, so my first example is from the Incredibles. I love how angular the art is, how contrasting its colours are, how much the camera pans from image to image, and how the visuals combine 60’s spy aesthetics (Bond, Get Smart) with modern block font.

Contrastingly, I also really love the motion graphics at the beginning of Breaking Bad. They’re a lot simpler than the graphics in the clip of the Incredibles, but still very effective. I love how the whole thing is one shot but still mesmerizing, I like that the elements and chemistry formulas overlap and vary in opacity, and I like how the smoke comes in at the end and defies the aesthetics of the rest of the opening.

My favourite example of motion graphics is the credits from A Series of Unfortunate Events. I was only 10 years old the last time I saw that movie, but I still remember the titles vividly. I actually watched the titles on repeat, sitting close to the TV because I loved them so much. The dark aesthetic is bewitching, as is the handmade, paper and ink look of the piece. The music also accompanies it perfectly.

For my motion project, I’m thinking of doing an animation about the Roald Dahl classic Matilda. I like the idea of animating books and I’m sure there’s a lot of great things I could do with animating magic or writing in a font that looks like kids’ handwriting, so it would be a really fun and engaging project.


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