Week 8: Storytelling & Transmedia

I really enjoyed Ramona Pringle’s guest lecture this week. I thought her point about how the story of a piece shouldn’t be outshone by the medium used to present it was really important, and I liked how she made a distinction between wide and deep media. Additionally, I liked how she said we’re addicted to socialization as opposed to technology, and her point about “design affordance” was fascinating.

For my adaptation of an existing story to a transmedia project, I chose Adventure Time. I think it would be a great world to interact with because it’s so vast, has a lot of bizarre fun imagery, and involves a lot of quests you could send your audience on. In the multimedia version of Adventure Time, you would take turns playing each character and fulfilling quests to carry the plot forward. As Finn, you would fight enemies. As Jake, you would help Finn, often through the use of your stretching powers. As Princess Bubblegum, you would deal with the latest complaints from the citizens of Ooo, and delegate tasks to Finn & Jake. As Lumpy Space Princess, you would try to survive in the forest, and occasionally help Finn & Jake.

The storyline would revolve around the key moments of the Adventure Time’s extensive history. I would include the era before the main characters Finn and Jake and get the game’s player to be Marceline as she sees Simon slowly go mad and become the Ice King, I would have some game play set in Finn & Jake’s childhood, then I would have most of the game play take place around the time when Finn is in his early teens and Jake is a father, just like in the TV series.


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